Navy Cruise Books Are Best Designed And Printed By Expressly-Yours

Fortunate are those who get this opportunity to serve their nation. This is the biggest service that a person can do in his life and for those who are doing this service, it is the rightful duty of others to respect.

Learning the same, this company named, Expressly-Yours is engaged in providing the most authentic and reliable yearbook printing service. Now, before learning what this company does, it is important to learn, what a yearbook is all about. This is a collection of photographs and description about the events that a particular institution has faced or gone through in a year passed.


In case of defence services, it is known as military deployment book and navy cruise book for military and naval services respectively. These books are designed in accordance with the prevailing designs and standards. This is done to make sure that the clients are delivered with the best quality product.

A military deployment book by expressly-Yours comprises of the activities of a military contingent that they observe on a mission. The way they eat, sleep, live, work and other activities. All these activities are captured via photographs and presented with description.

Similarly, in the case of naval services, the entire journey from flag off to home coming, everything is captured in the form of these books and named, cruise book, since it is all about the cruise that a navy contingent makes. A cruise book is divided into three parts, namely, the legacy, the leadership and the life, comprising all the information and those beautiful memories that a naval staff’s family would like to share.


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