Get The Best Printing Company To Do Your Short Run Printing Of Yearbooks

Every school has its own requirements as far as  yearbooks are concerned. One of the most important things that might vary is the number of yearbooks required by the school to be published. This number depends upon the total number of students enrolled in the school that the school might consider appropriate to sell their yearbooks to.  In the case of an elementary school it could be possible that the number of yearbooks required   is as small as only 25 yearbooks. In such cases the school authorities as well as the yearbook committee might be in a quandary as to whether they would be able to find a capable yearbook publisher who would agree to print such a small number of yearbooks.

If you and your school are facing a similar issue then Expressly Yours is one publisher that can help you in your predicament. This publisher specializes in printing quality yearbooks for schools for schools just like yours. They have been in the business of yearbook printing  for many years and have a rich experience  in that area. Given their low minimum order of 25 books, they should be on your short list of publishers to choose from.

elementry School

All that you are required to do is to provide the company with the relevant and important information such as cover choice, number of pages, number of books required, etc. and Expressly Yours can provide you with the best elementary school yearbook quote. Once you have received the quotes you can proceed with the publishing of the yearbooks. Expressly Yours is eager to help you and your elementary school  get the short run  printing done at the most affordable rates while not compromising quality.


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