Excellent Yearbook Quotes For Your School Yearbook

When you are managing a school you are interested in ensuring that the popularity of the school increases each year. Publishing a top quality school yearbook is therefore an effort in the right direction. The yearbook is read from cover to cover by students and parents alike. It therefore makes sense to ensure that the quality of the yearbook meets the highest standards in terms of its attractiveness and durability. Expressly-Yours is among the best printers and publishers of quality school yearbooks. This company specializes in publishing yearbooks for those that are looking for 750 yearbooks or less. When you have finalized your plans, you can obtain an elementary school yearbook quotes from Expressly-Yours.

school YearbooksBefore obtaining the elementary school yearbook quotes you will need to estimate the number of yearbooks you will need, if you want a soft or hard cover and how many total pages the book will be as well as how many of those pages will be black and how many will be color. Once you know that information, simply head to Expressly-Yours.net and request a quote.

Free end-sheets are provided in each book as well as free name personalization on the front of all soft cover yearbooks. There are several options for the cover, including soft or hard cover. On offer is a variety of options for hard cover yearbooks and this includes pre-designed covers  or you can design your own. The quality of printing is exceptional  and the press proof is absolutely accurate. The yearbook will be printed on premium paper that is guaranteed to impart a finished book you will be proud to show off. Once you have  sent in your approval of the exact prototype, your yearbooks will arrive in approximately 30 days.

To be able to produce the yearbook of your choice and design you can use the template system available with Expressly-Yours.  There are solutions to meet all your needs irrespective of whether your photos are all digital or all traditional or a combination of the two. The representatives of Expressly-Yours will work with you throughout the yearbook design and layout process so that at the end of the process you have a yearbook that you are proud of.