This Economy Demands Affordable Yearbooks

There is no reason that a yearbook company should be anything but affordable even in depressed economic times. The truth is that in recent years, due to the recession, some schools and organizations have been forced to make some compromises where budgets are concerned. This makes it difficult choosing which items to keep and which ones can be dispensed with. Some organizations and schools are even considering cutting elementary yearbooks from the services they offer students and others. However, there is some resistance from this idea from those who have learned to love the tradition of having documentation for what has occurred during the year.

Preserving Tradition

The high school yearbook is a much loved tradition for many organizations. This is particularly true for schools of all sizes. For many, it is important that this tradition be preserved, but that is hard to do when money will go just so far. To make it possible to preserve this tradition, many organizations are turning to more affordable options. Finding the right company to do this takes some time which is not always readily available, and research which helps to locate the best options.

Compromising Between Price And Quality

Most people feel they must compromise quality for affordable price. However, there are some yearbook companies that realize that there is no reason to sacrifice quality in order to obtain an affordable price for their clients. These are high quality companies, and you can depend on their services to help you create a quality product that you can proudly offer to students and others who believe in your organization. Because of this, yearbooks, cruise books, and navy cruise books are now even more accessible to those who are unwilling to give up on tradition.

Approaching Yearbook Services In The New Century

High quality yearbook companies approach yearbook services by offering prices that are right for the new economy and distinguishing itself with awesome customer services. Expressly-Yours ! Yearbook is dedicated to providing you with cutting-edge software to help with creating your yearbook in hands on fashion. Even though this helps to reduce the cost of the service, it certainly does not mean that you are sacrificing any quality. By making the most of modern technology, it ensures that traditions can continue to help retain the memories that have shaped the formation of students through the school years. Even though the economy has still not recovered sufficiently enough to not worry over cost, there is no reason not to preserve traditions that have such an impact of society.


Taking Pictures And Trusting The Student

Yearbook PicturesPreparing a middle school yearbook for publication is a never ending battle of trust and responsibility. The habits of middle school aged students calls into question the resulting yearbook design if they should be trusted with creation on their own. This balancing act requires constant vigilance, and no small amount of trust, on both parts of the yearbook design team.

When it comes to taking pictures for the middle school yearbook, administrators will often ask whether you, the yearbook student, can be trusted with such an important task. Whether it is a school football game, a dance, or just antics in the lunch room, pictures do need to be taken for inclusion in the school yearbook. But your fellow students, both present and ones in the past, may have stretched the trust with the camera to the breaking point with the powers-that-be in your school.

Being trusted with photography for yearbook design all comes down to responsibility. We here at Expressly Yours know that you hear that word being thrown around a lot. If your parents aren’t on your case about it, your algebra teacher is. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you need to understand that responsibility means you must do that which you are expected to do, every time you are expected to do it.

The reason why the middle school yearbook instructor doesn’t want to trust you with taking pictures at the band concert tonight isn’t because of a fear that you will fumble and break the camera. Let’s be honest, that camera cost the school like $30, and it can easily be replaced. The question of responsibility comes into play in that your fellow students, when previously entrusted to take pictures of this event, failed to do so.

What were they doing instead of taking pictures? Who knows. Perhaps they were too busy texting their friends about how bored they were. Maybe they were too engaged in gossiping with friends to remember to take pictures. It is entirely possible that they forgot the camera in their locker when school let out for the day, or that they got so caught up in their video game that they forgot to attend the concert altogether. Regardless of the reason, your superiors in yearbook design are less than enthusiastic about trusting you to take the pictures.

If you have not personally given the school yearbook instructor a reason to doubt your responsibility, you may be able to overcome this problem. Spend some time speaking with your instructor, let her know that you understand the importance of yearbook design, and that you know that taking pictures means photographing everyone, not simply your friends.

With some effort on your part, you may be able to gain your teacher’s trust, and become known as one of the responsible students on your middle school yearbook team. Who knows, that responsibility may translate into free days off from classes to take pictures at other events in the future.