When To Break With Yearbook Layout Traditions

Yearbook LayoutOver the years, your high school has come up with many traditions. You know that every school year is going to have certain events. There will be a homecoming football game in the fall, a winter dance, and a prom in the spring. Spring breaks will be entertaining, school festivals will be observed, and at some point during the year, you’ll have a week to wear strange costumes to class.

Tradition is an important part of your high school experience. Every school has its own way of making these events happen, and of encouraging seniors to take part in the excitement of their final year of public schooling. When you’re contemplating yearbook layout, you will find many of these traditions staring you in the face.

During creation in the most rigid of yearbook systems, you may find yourself following a rather precise demand on what is covered, and how much space it receives. If your yearbook layout is suffering from a pit of tradition that is stuck in the 1990s, it might be time to stir up the waters a little bit by demanding change.

Breaking with tradition to some extent with each class’s yearbook will give a sense of renewed freshness to the tradition of the yearbooks themselves. Breaking with tradition can be as simple as rearranging the standard pages in the book. Start your yearbook layout with the senior pictures, and then intersperse the fun events of the year between the different classes and prescribed covered events.

If your yearbook could use an even more dramatic tradition change, propose to your instructor that you do away with tradition altogether and create an entirely new yearbook layout from scratch. Be prepared for the resistance this suggestion will bring! There’s changing up tradition a little bit, and then there’s scrapping the yearbook layout tradition altogether and starting fresh.

Some of the ideas that you can use for bringing new freshness to your old yearbook layout include a change in the yearbook color scheme, or of the font that is used throughout. These small changes are a good platform to use as part of a larger “Why don’t we just change it all?” atmosphere for your yearbooks.

Approach the complete tradition change by treading delicately. Take your time, and get your yearbook design class in on the idea. Presenting your argument in a logical and mature fashion will go a long way toward having it go somewhere. Explain details about why the current yearbook layout tradition is behind the times, and have new ideas ready to present as an answer to the impending question of “How do you suggest we change it, then?”

Remember that even with traditional yearbook design broken, you will still need to cover the traditional events that take place within your school. Your yearbooks simply won’t be the yearbook of this graduating class if you don’t go out of your way to cover every important event in the detail that it deserves.


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