Ideas For Yearbook Text


A yearbook is meant to tell everything that happened in the past year, such as words, pictures, memories, friendships created and broken, contests won and lost, celebrations, and a lot more. So when you look back viewing your yearbooks, you should be able to relive those moments. You should be able to go back in time and live that moment as you did. A yearbook that is able to do that is one with the right pictures and words, among other things.

When you unfold that yearbook several years later, some things will make you feel proud, some will bring tears, yet others will make you burst out in laughter. It all depends on what you put there and how you put it there because it is something you’re going to cherish for the rest of your life. Thus, it’s worth taking some time to think about the text that you want to add to your yearbook.

The good thing is that there’s basically no rule on what you can write. You can include funny quotes, jokes, catchy phrases, slogans, sentimental words, and more. In fact, the unwritten rule is that you should include anything that will make you remember those days and basically everything about the school.

If you want to keep things simple, do it that way by writing a simple farewell message to your friends. Simple texts you can use include, ‘Thanks for the wonderful time’, or ‘These will forever be my fondest memories’, or ‘Good luck and I wish you luck and happiness’, and so forth.

Many people like to make things lighter with funny jokes and catchy phrases as well, so think of anything funny to write. Quotes from famous people are a popular choice of words added to a yearbook and basically, there are countless quotes you can use.

If you shared a memorable joke, be sure to include it. Undoubtedly, including humorous text will always bring a smile years later. Also, it’s a good idea to personalize messages. For instance, include funny jokes that are only known by your class or a particular group.

When you write a message, be sure to include your name beneath the message. Also, it’s a good idea to include your contacts so that your former classmates can get in touch. Using colorful ink will make your yearbooks look attractive. Special pictures go with special words, so include the appropriate words beside any special pictures.

Remember, people will be reading these messages years later, so mind the way you write. What you shouldn’t write are negative comments about classmates or even teachers. In addition, words that will cause embarrassment shouldn’t be there.

In all, your words you include in your yearbook should describe moments, not days or months. It is the little moments that are remembered, not weeks.


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