Should You Use A Template To Design Your Yearbook?

Yearbook DesignDesigning a yearbook is no mean feat. Gathering pictures and all the content that goes into a yearbook can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are now automated tools that make life easier when designing a yearbook. What’s more, these tools can make the process fun and enjoyable while saving a lot of time. Yearbook templates can make the process a lot easier, allowing you to only focus on the most critical things.

Some benefits of using templates include the following:

Instead of spending weeks designing your yearbook, using a template may only take a few days. There are now many new powerful tools included in template software that make it seamless to design a book in just hours. Advanced image cropping, auto-collagen features, online collaboration features, and email proofs are some of the tools that remove the hard work in designing a year book.

When you use a template, you’re less likely to make errors. Typically, you’ll send a yearbook file to a publisher when it is not print ready. This means that errors can arise and you’ll have no control over them. On the other hand, a good yearbooks creation suite will create a print-ready file that you send to your publisher. Moreover, the file gets uploaded to the publisher’s side automatically.

Another benefit of designing from a template is that it allows for quick changes. Student details can be entered and edited either singly or in a group, which helps to save time.

Most new software programs are cloud-based, meaning that they are managed online. Thus, any changes you make are instantly appended to the file.

You don’t have to use generic software (such as a word program) where you need to figure out which tools to use and how to use them. Specialized yearbook design software has easy tools that are straightforward to use.

Cons Of Using Template Software

The biggest drawback of using templates is that it kills creativity. Without a doubt, automated tools make life much easier and save a lot of time. However, when you use specialized software to design, you’ll put a lot of focus on the tools rather than design, thus killing creativity. You need to dedicate time to the tools yet you have to be creative at the same time. So you end up spending more time playing about with tools and less time being creative.

Designing a yearbook from scratch is time consuming, but, at the end of the day, you’ll be more satisfied with your work.

In all, whether you use templates or you design your yearbook from scratch depends on what you want and how much time you have. If you want to put your creativity and intuition to use, then shun the automated route. But, if you want to get work done real fast, nothing beats the power of an automated tool.


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