Navy Cruise Book Describes The Actual Life Of A Navy Personnel

Every individual possess an innate desire to have a collection of memories in the form of a video, audio or in documented form. This memory is shared by all the individuals living with the person and are cherished for a life time.

Learning the same, there is one company, named Expressly-Yours, which is engaged in rendering the best grade yearbook related solutions. These solutions are rendered in accordance with the requirements stated by the clients. This is one of the most reputed cruise book printing company in this domain that is known for its highly ethical and customer centric cruise books for the clients.

A cruise book is a document, which is specifically designed for navy professionals, and has a collection of their photographs with description. It is divided in three parts, namely, the legacy, the leadership and the life. All three parts collectively make a complete yearbook, which in case of Navy is known as Navy cruise CruiseBooks

The legacy is the part that talks about the cruise ship, the cruise it has made and its historical significance, the leadership has a complete coverage of leaders traveling with the contingent, from commanding officer to the martyr officers. And the life, being the most important part covers actual details about how a navy personnel lives while on a cruise with his fellow members.

Since cruise book publishing by Expressly-Yours is not a facile task, it requires an expert to design and describe. For this specific information is to be presented in a prescribed form so as to ensure that nothing personal is divulged and all classified information is preserved completely.

Navy Cruise Books Are Best Designed And Printed By Expressly-Yours

Fortunate are those who get this opportunity to serve their nation. This is the biggest service that a person can do in his life and for those who are doing this service, it is the rightful duty of others to respect.

Learning the same, this company named, Expressly-Yours is engaged in providing the most authentic and reliable yearbook printing service. Now, before learning what this company does, it is important to learn, what a yearbook is all about. This is a collection of photographs and description about the events that a particular institution has faced or gone through in a year passed.


In case of defence services, it is known as military deployment book and navy cruise book for military and naval services respectively. These books are designed in accordance with the prevailing designs and standards. This is done to make sure that the clients are delivered with the best quality product.

A military deployment book by expressly-Yours comprises of the activities of a military contingent that they observe on a mission. The way they eat, sleep, live, work and other activities. All these activities are captured via photographs and presented with description.

Similarly, in the case of naval services, the entire journey from flag off to home coming, everything is captured in the form of these books and named, cruise book, since it is all about the cruise that a navy contingent makes. A cruise book is divided into three parts, namely, the legacy, the leadership and the life, comprising all the information and those beautiful memories that a naval staff’s family would like to share.

Have These Trendy Yearbooks For Your Collection Of Memories

Collecting memories is always loved by every individual. This is imperative for all of us to make sure that we collect the memories that we have lived so that they are enjoyed by the forthcoming generations as well. And for the same, people opt video, audio, print and various other multimedia methods.

One of the most favored option is to get your memories printed on a paper with some photographs and small, snippet and one-liner description about the same. This is what we call a yearbook is all about. A book that has a collection of all your memories with their description.


These books are printed for schools at various levels, elementary, middle and high school as well. Not only this, but this book is also printed for navy cruises as well as military deployments. Describing the life on cruise and at the time of deployment, these books have been a perfect partner for the coming generations to enjoy the life of their previous generations.

Expressly-Yours is one of the most trusted and reputed names engaged in rendering the same. Situated in Unites States of America, this company has been able to attain an unmatched name in this domain. This has been possible only because of the fact that it has a comprehensive set of trendy and designer yearbook layout ideas with it.

These ideas after getting shared with the clients are implemented in the form a real yearbook that can be shared with the globules.

Get Your Navy Cruise Book Printed In Just No Time With This Yearbook Publisher

Fortunate are those, who have their family members serving the nation and bestowed are those who get this chance. A military or a navy personnel has two families. These are his biological one and a professional one. Moments spent with both the families need to be recorded in the best possible manner. And there comes this job of yearbook publishing.

Therefore, if you are looking for a company that could provide the most authentic and reliable yearbook printing service, definitely, you have reached to the correct place. A tributary of Express Press, Expressly-Yours is one of the most trusted name in this domain.
With years of experience, the company has been able to garner a rich client base, and they make sure that all their clients are well satisfied with the service. Among the offered product range, elementary school yearbooks, high school yearbooks, military deployment book and navy cruise books are printed.

An yearbook is a collection of memories spent by a group of person on a trip, voyage or during a journey. So, does a military deployment book or a navy cruise book contains. These books are an amalgamation of memories of defense personnel spent on a mission or during a cruise.

A navy cruise book is designed in three parts, namely, the legacy, the leadership and the life. Covering all the aspects of a cruise from flag off to the homecoming, this book has proved to be a perfect option for recording the memories. Designed in accordance with latest designs and trends, these books never reveal any information which is defined classified at all levels.

Get The Most Aesthetically Designed Yearbook And Cherish The Memories For Life

Life is a very short journey, where we have rarely get many moments to share with any one. If lived meaningfully, there are multiple moments in life that can be recorded forever. You must also have had such times in your life, when you wanted to have the best of times to be saved forever. At this time, you look for a service that provides you an easy and convenient way to do the same.

Expressly-Yours is one such company engaged in providing the best grade yearbook publishing services. A conflation of photographs and description, an yearbook is a perfect option to have the best of your memories to be recorded.

Being a reputed yearbook printing company, Expressly-Yours make sure that the clients are delivered with the best grade products only. The company is offering high school, middle school and elementary school yearbooks, navy cruise books and military deployment books. All these books are designed and developed using hi-tech machines and in accordance with the latest designs prevailing in the market.

Likewise a school yearbook is the collection of events that happen in a school in the whole year, similarly a military deployment book talks about the contingent deployment for any mission. It includes those special memories in the form of photographs that a military personnel shares with his fellow colleagues. A navy cruise book is also not much different than these. It covers the same aspects of a navy cruise. Covering the journey from flag off to the home coming. Designed in three parts The Legacy, The Leadership and The Life, a navy cruise book gives an insight of the life spent by the navy officer while sailing on a warship.

A tributary of Express Press, this yearbook publishing company is supported with a team of experienced designers and other professionals. All these designers have a rich experience in their domain and make sure that the stated requirements of the clients in imbibed and taken into account at the time of designing.

Thus, if you are looking for any option, which provides a perfect avenue to save your memories, then certainly Expressly-Yours is a perfect option to rely.

Get Your Yearbook Designed By One Of The Most Experienced Organization Of This Domain

Expressly-Yours is a reputed name involved in offering the best grade yearbook publishing and printing service. A yearbook is a collection of events in a school or an institution, which is published in the end of an year so as to provide a deep insight of events happened in the previous year.

Backed by a team of highly experienced professionals, who have a complete knowledge of how to make a yearbook, this organization has been able to attain an unmatched position in this domain. Further, these professionals have been able to cater to the variegated requirements of the clients using their thorough knowledge in printing & publishing.

Not only yearbook, but this organization also offers the services for cruise book as well as military deployment books. Professionals working with Expressly-Yours make sure to take the inputs, provided by clients, in consideration while developing these books. Further, while designing these yearbooks, they make sure that all the latest trends in printing and designing are followed. This is done so as to make sure that the clients are satisfied to the maximum level.


Their professionals designers are experienced enough to create an amazing book, which will leave a lasting impression on others for sure. In order to avoid any point of dissatisfaction among clients, the professionals working with Expressly make sure to develop a draft copy first, which is finalized after inculcating all the feedback by the clients. Additionally, they make sure that the best yearbooks are offered and highly reliable and effective tips are provided for the same.

Get The Best Printing Company To Do Your Short Run Printing Of Yearbooks

Every school has its own requirements as far as  yearbooks are concerned. One of the most important things that might vary is the number of yearbooks required by the school to be published. This number depends upon the total number of students enrolled in the school that the school might consider appropriate to sell their yearbooks to.  In the case of an elementary school it could be possible that the number of yearbooks required   is as small as only 25 yearbooks. In such cases the school authorities as well as the yearbook committee might be in a quandary as to whether they would be able to find a capable yearbook publisher who would agree to print such a small number of yearbooks.

If you and your school are facing a similar issue then Expressly Yours is one publisher that can help you in your predicament. This publisher specializes in printing quality yearbooks for schools for schools just like yours. They have been in the business of yearbook printing  for many years and have a rich experience  in that area. Given their low minimum order of 25 books, they should be on your short list of publishers to choose from.

elementry School

All that you are required to do is to provide the company with the relevant and important information such as cover choice, number of pages, number of books required, etc. and Expressly Yours can provide you with the best elementary school yearbook quote. Once you have received the quotes you can proceed with the publishing of the yearbooks. Expressly Yours is eager to help you and your elementary school  get the short run  printing done at the most affordable rates while not compromising quality.